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Aquanaut Drifter

Available in the models 350 AC, 350 OC, 390 AC, 390 OC, 430 AC and 430 OC
And as 390 AC Jubilé and 390 OC Jubilé

Drifter 350 AC Drifter 350 OC Drifter 390 AC Jubilé
Drifter 390 OC Jubilé

Aquanaut expands the Drifter family with a third generation
The rugged appearance, the solid construction and the unprecedented comfort. The Drifter 3rd generation has all the features of its predecessors, the Drifter CS and the Privilege. Yet there is a big difference: the price range! This way Aquanaut ensures that with a brand new Drifter generation the ultimate water sport dream comes within reach of a broader audience.

The first boat was delivered before the summer in 2019. The 3.5 meters wide model with a draft of 1 meter has an open cockpit and retained all the good of the previous Drifter generations: the quiet engine, the spacious and light interior and the tough lines. It’s all still there. Just like the big advantage that the cockpit, salon and kitchen are on one level.

Feel the Space
Also the lowered air draught (below 2.5 meters) is not affected. And once again, this unique quality is not at the expense of headroom. In fact, compared to the Drifter CS and Privilege, the shape of the Drifter 3.0 is even more in the sign of the function. With the straight bow as a shining example. From owner’s cabin to bathroom and from guest cabin to dinette, the space is felt everywhere.

Modern and contemporary
There are smart choices made in terms of drive, equipment and woodwork. But the Drifter 3rd generation also exudes the high level of quality in everything. It makes the third generation Drifter a second home once again. On board, the true enthusiasts will experience the freedom to go and stand where ever they want on European waters. So welcome to the family!

"With an Aquanaut Yacht the destination can not be more beautiful than the voyage."

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