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Aquanaut charter conditions
The small print of a rental agreement is important. We are detailing the clauses below so that you too can be aware of what they mean to you. Our ships are rented out under the ”Hiswa General Terms and Conditions for the renting out and hiring of pleasure craft”.

  • Reservation is final after receipt of the signed rental contract. 50% of the rental amount should be paid within fourteen days of receipt of the rental contract and the remainder three weeks before departure.
  • All of our ships are covered by all-risks insurance for voyages on the Dutch inland waterways and the IJsselmeer lake.
  • The amount of own risk is € 750,00 (Aron € 1.000,00). This amount must be paid with card (not Visa) on departure and will be refunded at the end of the rental period, provided that the vessel is returned without damage. In the event that damage has been caused to the ship or to the inventory, then this damage will be settled against  the own risk payment.
  • All hiring parties are given extensive instruction on handling the ship, the engine and the accessories. Please contact us at least 24 hours before your holiday if you wish to make a trial run.
  • No vessels will be made available to minors, not even if permission of the parents is received for this.
  • Accompaniment by pets is allowed only with the permission of the rental company. You have to pay € 60,00 per pet. The boat must be delivered in a clean condition. There may be no more dog hair! The cleaning of the boat with found dog hair is not included in the final cleaning! An additional cleaning, which is necessary and caused by the hair loss of dogs, is charged with € 30.00 per hour.

On departure, you receive from us a full tank with diesel fuel and a gas cylinder. The use of diesel is for the cost of the hirer.

Departure and return
The departure time is 15.00 h on the first day. The return time is 9.00 h on the last day. In the event of a late return, the rental company has the right to charge € 60,00 for each hour later than the defined return time. If you want to pick up the ship later than 18.00 hours, please let us know before.
Charter is also possible for a weekend or shortweek out of the high season and holidays (Easter, Ascension and Whitsun).
Price weekend (fr. 15.00 – mo. 9.00 h) is 60% of the weekprice.
Price shortweek (mo. 15.00 – fr. 9.00 h) is 50% of the weekprice.

The boat is clean when delivered to you and we would like to have it returned in clean condition. If you would prefer to leave the cleaning to us, please inform us of this before departure. The cost of cleaning is € 80,00.

Our vessels are very fully equipped. There is always a complete inventory list on board and we send this to you in advance. All that you need to take yourselves are duvets, duvet covers, sheets, towels and tea towels. You can also reserve this in advance: duvets and sheets € 20.- per person, towel package € 10.- per person, kitchen linen package € 5.-.

From 2019 you can not use the Aquanaut cancellation anymore. We are following the cancellation conditions of the Hiswa.
If you want you can choose your own insurance for cancellation.

Malfunctions during your trip
The charterer must follow the regulations stated in the Charter Manual especially in the case of a malfunction, breakdown or damage to the chartered boat. The charter company does not accept any liability nor compensation for the damage caused by a malfunction or breakdown of the boat. If compensation is justified, maximum restitution will be granted only for the time that the boat could not be used due to the breakdown; compensation will not be granted however for breakdowns lasting less than five hours after it was reported to the company. Compensation will not be granted for the malfunction of the following equipment: Radio/CD, TV, toilets, refrigerator, microwave or other equipment, navigation instruments, lighting, door locks and hinges, windscreen wipers, bow- and sternthrusters – as these are not seen as the reason for not being able to use the boat.

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