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Frequently asked questions

How can I prepare for my boat holiday
Before you are going to rent a boat you can take a theoretical course. It’s always good to know the navigation rules or to refresh your knowledge.

Can I sail without a licence?
Yes, you may sail a ship up to 15 meters and not faster than 20 km per hour. That means you can hire all our charter fleet boats without a licence.

Can I rent a boat even though I have never sailed on a ship?
Yes, you can hire a boat even if you have never sailed and you have little to no experience. In this case, we recommend a (short) training at SSH-Boating.

With a course (there is a short course of 2 or 3 hours or a comprehensive course of 1 or 1,5 day) the instructors of SSH-Boating make you and your crew completely familiar with driving, mooring and navigating a yacht.

In addition to a practical part you will receive, while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee, also a theoretical part. Topics as priority rules, do’s and dont’s on the water are explained. After this short but thorough course you go with more confidence on the water, making it not only a safer but, above all, a more relaxed vacation.

How do I find mooring places to stay
In almost every marina where you come along there are possibilities to spend the night. The rules per marina differs, but the harbour master can tell you more about it.

On the water maps and the almanacs held on board you can find information about the ports.

You can also spend the night “outdoor”. That are mooringplaces constructed and managed by the Foundation “Marrekrite” in the great outdoors. However, here are no facilities as in a port. Usually there is a container where you can deposit your waste.

On which additional cost can I count?
You pay in advance the agreed rent.
You can use one of our options. The costs are listed at “Options”. You can transfer the amount of your extra options together with the rental price. You can also pay for the options in cash before departure at check-in.

Further, you pay the used diesel upon your return.

Other costs are the harbour mooring fees and tourist tax. These prices may differ per port.

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