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Covered Berths Aquanaut

Covered berths for sale and for rent at Aquanaut in Sneek, Friesland

Since 2007, Aquanaut Dutch Craftsmanship has a beautiful ship housing complex on the Selfhelpweg in Sneek, Friesland. These ship houses consist of 3 halls in which a total of 71 berths have been realized. There are 23 boxes to buy inclusive a garage box. These places have a dimension of 16.70 x 5.40 m and 20.00 x 6.00 m. The 48 rental boxes have a length between 13.60 – 15.60 m and a width of 4.90 m.

  • Insulated halls
  • Accessed via roller doors with remote control
  • Entrance height is 450 cm
  • Yearly rental from 1 april to 31 March
  • Wintering places

Your boat is safe and protected from theft by permanent supervision of an harbourmaster. Berth holders can also use the sanitation. The surrounding area is equipped with a fencing and solid gates and forms a completed whole. Your boat is protected from all adverse weather conditions. The paint system will have a much longer life. Stalling in the winter, on the shore outside or in a hall, is no longer necessary, as a result, you earn the costs back. In addition, you have the comfort of a clean boot on arrival. There are 2 moorings outside for short recreational use, so you do not need to leave the marina directly after arriving. You remain in addition, of course also welcome in our Marina at the Selfhelpweg number 9. Also, we gladly advise you on the sale of a boathouse.

Contact person for rental ship houses:

Aquanaut Dutch Craftsmanship
Selfhelpweg 17
8607 AB Sneek
Tel.  +31 (0)515 412253

Contact person for buy ship houses:

Mr. H. Nauta
Tel: +31 (0)6 51 40 37 89

Harbourmaster & supervisor:

Johanna Folmer
Tel: +31 (0)515 41 17 93 / +31 (0) 6 16 14 12 78

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