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Covered Berths Aquanaut

Covered berths for sale and for rent at Aquanaut in Sneek, Friesland

Since 2007, Aquanaut has a beautiful ship housing complex on the Selfhelpweg in Sneek, Friesland. These ship houses consist of 3 halls in which a total of 71 berths have been realized. There are 23 boxes to buy inclusive a garage box. These places have a dimension of 16.70 x 5.40 m and 20.00 x 6.00 m. The 48 rental boxes have a length between 13.60 – 15.60 m and a width of 4.90 m.

  • Insulated halls
  • Accessed via roller doors with remote control
  • Entrance height is 450 cm
  • Yearly rental from 1 april to 31 March
  • Wintering places

Your boat is safe and protected from theft by permanent supervision of an harbourmaster. Berth holders can also use the sanitation. The surrounding area is equipped with a fencing and solid gates and forms a completed whole. Your boat is protected from all adverse weather conditions. The paint system will have a much longer life. Stalling in the winter, on the shore outside or in a hall, is no longer necessary, as a result, you earn the costs back. In addition, you have the comfort of a clean boot on arrival. There are 2 moorings outside for short recreational use, so you do not need to leave the marina directly after arriving. Also, we gladly advise you on the sale of a boathouse.

Contact person for rental ship houses:
Partnership Shiphouses
Selfhelpweg 17
8607 AB Sneek
Tel.  0031 515 412 253

Information about rental ship houses:
Tel.: 0031 515 412 253

Contact person for buy ship houses:
Mr. H. Nauta
Tel: 0031 651 403 789

Harbourmaster & supervisor:
Johanna Folmer
Tel: 0031 515 411 793 / 0031 616 141 278

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