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Pure luxury on the water

Global Voyager

It was already exceptional when the first Global Voyager built as a prototype with a length of 19 meters – the largest Aquanaut boat – was handed over to its owner. Since then, the first GV 1900 has been sailing across the world’s seas. The Global Voyager will be available in the GV 1500, GV 1700 and GV 1900 models. The first GV 1700 has been delivered in 2008. The Global Voyager models exude a particular attractiveness in every respect. A modern Mediterranean design with elegant lines and rounded forms through which its Dutch origin is clearly recognisable, particularly in the shape of the prow.
All Voyager models are typically trademarked by a spacious and well thought out open cockpit which connects to the salon and, additionally, have a wide and partly covered railing. The cockpit is not far above the water level and the salon and other interior areas are wonderfully lit through the large windows. All Voyager models are fitted with large diesel and water tanks in order to cruise for long distances. The multichin hull configuration provides for pleasing and comfortable cruising performance under all conditions. The timeless design and the solid construction and build standard is wholly achieved within our own boatyard. Thanks to the excellent insulation, the air conditioning and the heating system these boats are most suitable for permanent living aboard. The layout can be designed completely in accord with the owner’s wishes and is realised through using the best materials.

"With an Aquanaut Yacht the destination can not be more beautiful than the voyage."

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