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The yard - birth place of all Aquanaut-yachts

Painting hall

In the large painting hall and following an intensive building process every Aquanaut yacht is given its lustre, in the truest sense of the word, before it enters the water for the first time.
It was a long journey from the very beginning of painting, then still by hand and only with a brush(!), to the present four very modern painting bays which have been upgraded a step at a time since Aquanaut relocated to the Selfhelpweg in the beginning of the 1980s. As at today the painting hall represents the highest level in painting technology.
This brought about the changeover to the technique of spraying. Initially with single component and later with two component paint.
The fulfilment of ever-tightening environmental demands also plays an important role. The ?reduced mist spray? with obvious smaller amounts of thinning agent significantly reduces the effect on the environment.
This development is taken even further; in the preparation phase all types of paint are water based.

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